I am mostly a keyboard driven person when I use computers. I spend most of my time in the terminal and my window manager of choice is i3wm.

So based on that, I thought it was time to actually invest some money into a keyboard. I had read some reviews regarding the Moonlander and it seems like everyone was happy with their keyboard. There where some indications that the build quality maybe wasn’t the best but it seemed like that was a few years ago.

So I ordered my Moonlander and it took about 1,5 week for it to arrive. When I first started to use the keyboard it just felt super overwhelming. I couldn’t type any more. Like many others I started to regret my choice but I also remembered reading that a lot of people felt the same at first, but they all said…just get into it. Start typing and sooner or later you’re gonna get there. Which I did. And today I’m super happy with my keyboard! I must confess though that from time to time do I have to lookup up my current layout to figure out on which layer certain keys are. Considering that I`am Swedish, I switch the layout from time to time between US and Swedish depending who I’m talking to. (Sometimes they just have to deal with me not using åäö)

If there is anything I would like to change I think it’s something some others have pointed out as well, the cable between the two half might be a little bit to long. But in all fairness, that has nothing to do with functionality. So the gist is: I’m super happy with my Moonlander!

And yes, it is super awkward when I have to type directly on my laptop and my keyboard isn’t around.